It’s that dream again; the one that means another night of tossing and turning in your bed. Every night it’s the same, and every night you try in vain to change it. What utter tripe. You’ve bought so many new age books and dream bibles but what do they have to say about what you see each night? Nothing useful that’s for sure.

‘There will be changes in your life’.

‘Emotions are ruling your judgements’.

It’s maddening. Sometimes you see a city burning to its very foundations; other times you’re soaring through the sky, but one thing remains the same. The face of a woman you feel as though you know. She’s there at all times, a presence that can’t be moved, and you trust her. The woman with the easy smile and green eyes. During the day you’re ordinary, mundane, uninteresting. An average joe with no claim to fame but at night, when the lights go out and London sleeps, you’re so much more.

You could be so much more and the contrast is starting to wear you thin. Surely there is more to life than the everyday grind? And what of these fanciful stories in the gossip tabloids? You figure the world must be losing its mind.

Unfortunately, you’re also beginning to wonder if you aren’t doing the same…at least until the letter arrives.

Both Sides of Time

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